The trainers of this course will be working with a team of 5 to 7 co-trainers, they function as a support system for participants and trainers during the event.

Lena Nasiakou

Trainer & Learning specialist

Lena believes that “play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”. She is designing, managing and delivering training courses about coaching, mathematics and personal development for youth, adults and teachers. Lena stimulates learning through body movement and theatre, which gives a dynamic and engaging aspect on the projects she is involved. Like this, her creative side comes together with her profession as a trainer and learning specialist.

Marko Vlaming

Youth worker, Head Trainer and Director

Marko started 25 years ago as a youth worker after obtaining his university degree in social and cultural work. Besides doing youth work and trainings, he uses coaching approaches in his daily work. In the last 12 years he developed into an all-round coach. Learning by experience as a method in coaching created a coaching approach that is very focused on working in the here and now. In his practice he works a lot with on-the-job coaching, supporting people to build up their life dream in the way they create fulfillment in their lives, using a wide spectrum of coaching methods and techniques that are currently available.

Eimantas Didzbalis

Voice Coach

As a vocal coach Eimantas sees the importance of bringing awareness of how the voice works in order to impact people. He is working with artists combining coaching tools and Bel Canto approach in order to get the best out of their performances. He is passionate about working with people who aim to gain vocal courage in order to speak with clarity and to perform on stage.