The vocal aspect of the training helped me to be aware of the power of my voice and I realized that is an important tool in my work as a trainer. The concrete feed-backs were very useful and having the opportunity to implement them on the spot, brought me a lot of insights I was not aware of before. Now I feel that I can use my voice in a more conscious way, which is a great support in creating the atmosphere I want for my participants.

– Magyarosi Bella, Outdoor trainer, Romania

The most valuable knowledge I gained was when working with the Winkelaar method. I now feel confident when creating training, because the process is clear to me. Next to this, now I have a better understanding on how to work for and together with a client. Lastly I now strongly feel the importance of context for participants in training courses. It has been a valuable training for me. 

–Anna Moro, mediator, Italy