Doing trainings is a fascinating field, it creates fulfillment for you as a trainer and it can also be significant for others in their learning. Although the process itself is exciting and dynamic, it requires a lot of different skills, it can be overwhelming and it knows many pitfalls. Here we are offering youth workers the chance to bring their training skills to another level based on our experience.

This programme offers:
With love, humor, and challenge, we offer a setting where you can go beyond your regular practice and see how you can shape your own distinctive training method.
By bringing awareness to voice elements you will be able to optimise your vocal performance, which can support you in gaining vocal courage and keeping your audience engaged.
Every part of the training is infused with embodied exercises so you explore and develop an effective embodied training behaviour.
A context is created by multiple elements and it directs the meaning and the outcome of the training. By guiding the context, you will be able to create and use intentionally the elements of your training in order to move towards your goals. Therefore your role is to stimulate and shape a process that actively involves your participants.

The training is designed for trainers working in the youth field who are already experienced in working with young groups, have their training method and understand the process of creating and delivering training.

We offer sport for 32 participants. This group size allows the close work with the main trainers and the small team of international assistant trainers.

The training aims to challenge the current working methods of the participant and to provide an answer to the following questions:

  • Who am I as a trainer/youth worker?
  • What are my unique qualities?
  • In which direction do I want to develop my method?

There is a lot of hands-on work, demonstrations and reflection in small groups afterwards. In this training not only you can fine-tune yourself as a trainer, but also take ideas as a trainee. There are no marks or goals to achieve - everything you take out of this training is your choice.

What will you gain as a participant?

Master all embodied aspects of your performance (gestures, facial expressions, voice, pauses, breathing, muscle tone, posture, positioning and state management)
  • Know what is needed to present and introduce your training.
  • Practice working with a group
  • Practice new ways of observing the group and collecting information from the group
  • Learn to recognize trainable critical behavioral points
  • Be able to deliver a training on any topic
  • Be able to adjust the learning experience to any target group
  • Recognize the vocal elements so you can create the impact you want
    Use and develop context to shape desirable training outcome
    Develop your own training approach (do you ask instead of giving answers, are you distant or are you close to the group etc.)

    The vocal aspect of the training helped me to be aware of the power of my voice and I realized that is an important tool in my work as a trainer. The concrete feed-backs were very useful and having the opportunity to implement them on the spot, brought me a lot of insights I was not aware of before. Now I feel that I can use my voice in a more conscious way, which is a great support in creating the atmosphere I want for my participants.

    – Magyarosi Bella, Outdoor trainer, Romania

    The most valuable knowledge I gained was when working with the Winkelaar method. I now feel confident when creating training, because the process is clear to me. Next to this, now I have a better understanding on how to work for and together with a client. Lastly I now strongly feel the importance of context for participants in training courses. It has been a valuable training for me. 

    –Anna Moro, mediator, Italy

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    Arrival & Departure
    The Training for Trainers program consists of 7 training days.

    Please take in account that arriving later for this training is not an option, neither is leaving earlier. Olde Vechte Foundation has a tight schedule with a lot of projects, and to make everything happen in time, we kindly ask you to plan your trip according to the official arrival and departure times.

    If you want to arrive earlier or leave later and you need accommodation contact us before the training so that we can help you to find a place to stay.
    Participation fee
    €375 General participation fee
    €475 Participation fee for people living in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom

    15% of discount is applicable if you have done an Event Wise or Practicing Coaching training,

    To complete your registration to the training you should pay €110 in advance by transfer to our bank account, or to send a copy of your travel tickets to our email address. The rest amount can be paid in cash at the registration at the Olde Vechte.

    Participants take care of their travel expenses. Accommodation and food are covered by Olde Vechte.
    How to register
    If you wish to register, click the register button on the left and fill in the registration form. We will confirm that we received your registration within 3 working days.

    If you are still deciding whether now is the right time to attend this training, or you have specific questions about it, you are welcome to call Marko Vlaming, Director of the Olde Vechte Foundation.
    He is reachable on +31 624 626 705 during working hours (8 am till 6 pm) Monday to Saturday, and he will gladly answer your questions.
    The training is given in simple and easy to understand English.
    Satisfaction guarantee
    Should you feel the training has not been productive for you in any way, you can request a refund of your training fee. The only condition is that you have attended every training session and have participated in every process.

    The trainers of this course will be working with a team of 5 to 7 co-trainers, they function as a support system for participants and trainers during the event.

    Lena Nasiakou

    Trainer & Learning specialist

    Lena believes that “play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”. She is designing, managing and delivering training courses about coaching, mathematics and personal development for youth, adults and teachers. Lena stimulates learning through body movement and theatre, which gives a dynamic and engaging aspect on the projects she is involved. Like this, her creative side comes together with her profession as a trainer and learning specialist.

    Marko Vlaming

    Youth worker, Head Trainer and Director

    Marko started 25 years ago as a youth worker after obtaining his university degree in social and cultural work. Besides doing youth work and trainings, he uses coaching approaches in his daily work. In the last 12 years he developed into an all-round coach. Learning by experience as a method in coaching created a coaching approach that is very focused on working in the here and now. In his practice he works a lot with on-the-job coaching, supporting people to build up their life dream in the way they create fulfillment in their lives, using a wide spectrum of coaching methods and techniques that are currently available.

    Eimantas Didzbalis

    Voice Coach

    As a vocal coach Eimantas sees the importance of bringing awareness of how the voice works in order to impact people. He is working with artists combining coaching tools and Bel Canto approach in order to get the best out of their performances. He is passionate about working with people who aim to gain vocal courage in order to speak with clarity and to perform on stage.

    The training takes place in Ommen, the Netherlands and is organized in and around the premises of the Olde Vechte Foundation.

    You’ll stay in a shared (2-4 people) room with common toilets/showers located on every floor. There is Wi-Fi available and you will have access to the washing machine and a dryer.

    The accommodation is located within a walking distance from Ommen city center (approx. 500 m). We will send you further information about how to get there and what to bring with you after your application form is approved.