Enrich your approach to people development!

Source - Systemic Coaching with care.

When you need to be at the right moment, in the right state for creating the right impulse to re-establish the flow for the people you work with,

You can either approach it top-down by analyzing the available information to support change.


You can explore it bottom-up, from the felt experience towards awareness to invite more movement in a situation.

The way you navigate these 2 directions can make the difference in working with people.

This training is for you

  • If you find yourself in the position of coach, psychologist, mentor, manager, leader, or youth worker;
  • If you want to gain a wider perspective on human dynamics that can lead you to the roots of a symptom (disruptive behavior);
  • If you want to reach sustainable resolutions in working with people;
  • If you want to support your clients to zoom out and step out of their patterns;
  • If you want to do less with more impact for the person in front;
  • If you want to create healthy systems around for yourself and your clients.

Source is an invitation to step out of the analytical maze into systemic thinking, and learn how to tackle individual problems by looking at the whole and addressing their source.

During the training, you can get a grip on the Systemic approach from the direct experience of the principles behind it to useful tools which can complete your practice.

Systemic coaching can be applied in all kinds of different settings if you work with groups or individuals.

You can also use it to reframe your own life experiences and to access new layers of vital energy.

Course details & Training method

Let`s have a look at the journey called Source:

First, we will set the theoretical grounds for what is known as “Systemic approach”.

Despite the variety of fields where it`s already applied (organizations, schools, health, personal growth) there is a common perspective around it.

Family, work, and society are some of the systems that we are part of and they are constantly shaping our life, behaviors, and choices through repeating patterns, implicit beliefs, or wired thoughts from the past.

The systemic approach cast a new light on the connection between individuals and the systems they belong to and on how these connections might support or hinder the individual`s/group`s thriving.

The 3 principles of Systemic approach are the main pillars from which the systemic exploration could start.

By identifying how each of these principles is applied in your personal life you will get a sense of how they can guide you through working with others.



In every system we need to feel accepted, secure and to contribute to the group, meaning that we need to belong. By taking fully your position at work, in your family, or in a group, you might find the energy and the resources to support your role in those systems.


Each person has their place in a system and each place comes in order. The order offers a sense of security, predictability, and continuity in any group. Every time the order is distorted you start building unhealthy relationships.


Anything that lives exchanges. What creates continuity in any exchange is the permanent unbalance between taking and giving. When there is too much or too little the exchange will be stuck and together with it, the relationship.

Furthermore, we will have a good look inside the Systemic Toolbox.

You will have the chance to experience yourself and practice with various working forms of systemic coaching. You will discover ways to use these tools in your daily life and with the people that you work with.

The most well-known Systemic working forms are Constellations - a simple and an intuitive way of recreating a system in order to reveal and transform hidden patterns.

Individual constellations (with various materials, or nature) can support the person you work with in bringing more clarity and at the same time movement into their stuck situations.

The fastest way to get meaningful information is by asking questions. But not any question.

With Moving Questions, you can touch the hidden structures of a complex issue and recreate movement effortlessly.

Developed by Siets Bakker, this tool is an easy way to apply systemic knowledge to every life situation.

Once you understand the mechanism behind it and find your receptive state of mind, universal moving questions can work for you and for the people you guide.


Unique about this training, is the masterful transition from discovering systemic knowledge to developing the skills of using it in your daily practice. One way of doing this is through embodied learning.

Most of the time, systemic work is approached in a split manner (either through direct experience or through concept explanations). While embodied learning allows these two processes to run simultaneously by constantly weaving a thread between knowing and sensing, concepts and experience.

This way, you can move from knowing-how to the knowledge of being with, while working with people.

How can Source serve your professional and personal growth?

  • You will gain a wider perspective on a stuck situation.
  • You will be able to go beyond initiating change, to initiating movement in working with people.
  • You will have access to a deeper source of knowledge from which your interventions will be more impactful.
  • You will be able to recreate flow when people are caught in their stories by using Moving Questions.
  • You will be better prepared to support people on their way toward fulfillment.
  • "I am better at listening to others without jumping to conclusions and experience less of this burning feeling of having to solve someone else's problems."

    - Ilze Ozola, journalist and coach

  • "Learning interesting new things about myself and the way I cope, makes me feel more comfortable to not be afraid to express myself and be seen by others."

    - Eleanna Mavrofrydi, Visual artist

  • "So basically I came to do the short term in September 2018 until November 2018. I was tired of my job and left it, then one summer day I saw an ad on Facebook and I applied, then actually forgot about it. After a few days, this organisation called me and asked me if I was still planning to go and I came to Olde Vechte. It was an incredible 2 months with a lovely group of people, hard work and fun mostly. After 1 month I decided that I want to come back for the long term, mainly because I saw different groups of people coming and going from the trainings, projects, youth exchanges etc.. In January 2019 I came back with the intention of developing myself and doing training courses. It was a life changing year I believe, I don't really know yet obviously but it feels like this. A year in which I was valued and empowered to grow, where I started to take my life in my own hands and being accountable and aware of things that I didn't realise I was doing before. I had time to think of what I really want to do in my life, and I also found love, unexpectedly! Now my plan for the future is to become a meditation teacher and a life coach."

    "Wider Horizon" September 2018 - November 2018 (two months) + "Extra Mile" January 2019-2020 (one year)
    Andrea Scroccaro, Italy
  • "We have created a dedicated 5-member team to run this project, even after it's finished. The team is currently inspired to gather the whole maths in motion methodology and apply it in the greek school reality as an extracurricular additional activity in order to have an impact on local communities."

    SciCo, Greece
  • "The Maths in Motion project has inspired us to create a lot of different new educational methods and materials. It has been a crucial factor in the addition of a new emphasis field inside the Science Education Centre of the University of Helsinki, which includes dance in mathematics education, embodied mathematics education and art and mathematics."

    Experience Workshop, Finland
  • "My colleagues started to ask and be interested in new ways of teaching maths through movement."

    Istituto comprensivo Ognissanti, Italy
  • "It gave more opportunities to my colleagues. It made us richer in experiences and knowledge."

    FUN Mathematics, Bulgaria
  • "We have inspired our colleagues to develop other KA2 projects focused on the embodied methodology."

    Olde Vechte Foundation, the Netherlands
  • "We are talking a lot more about movements in our classes and trying to inspire each other to do more. we are sharing more ideas about movement in different topics."

    Balletskolen Holstebro, Denmark
  • "Our students have nice memories about the teachers who came and about the activities that took place in our school, they are eager to be involved in maths lessons which include body movement. Their maths grades are higher and they have bigger motivation to learn a foreign language. Our teachers are trying to bring Erasmus+ projects in our school."

    Scoala Gimnaziala Nr. 20 Galati, Romania
  • "Professionally it improved our company because it opened up new ways of teaching. Personal experience is that there is a better atmosphere, less stress, more fun – whenever we use math in motion."

    Kristóf Fenyvesi, Finland
  • "It boosted my motivation, satisfaction, and happiness."

    Luisa Lenta, Italy
  • "I have learned great people to know all over Europe. This gives me the possibility to ask for job shadow/exchange ideas, cooperation, etc. I love that the project is for several years because it gives me the possibility of contemplation."

    Gitte Fuglsang Lausen, Denmark
  • "Maths in Motion is a project linked into my two passions, mathematics and teaching. I really loved that I met and cooperated with different people from different cultures, discussed their passions and experiences for teaching, and learned about school systems in other countries. Being an ambassador of the program in my country has offered me some very good talks with other educators and opportunities for collaborations."

    Marilena Andrikopoulou, Greece
  • "I feel myself as a member of a group of educators who believe there are alternative ways to explore the learning of mathematics. This translates to being able to share my views with other educators --some of whom have not thought maths can be taught in such a manner."

    Kerry Osborne, Finland
  • "This was the first time to meet teachers and people from other European countries and share useful information about our educational system. This enriched my English vocabulary, boosted my creativity and gave me new ideas about how to teach maths and to actively involve the students."

    Dida Cristina Isaia, Romania
  • "It gave me new experiences to work in a team with people from different cultures and contexts. It made me see my job from another angle and become more interested in the topic of mathematical movements. I am extremely grateful for this experience as a math dance trainer. It is definitely an area I will go deeply too."

    Svetlana Goranova, Bulgaria
  • "Contrary to the traditional didactic approaches, Maths in Motion is not competitive. Cooperation, community building and 21st Century skills development at it's best."

    Lena Nasiakou, the Netherlands
  • "I will never go back to the way I was teaching before"

    Hanne Derdau, Denmark
  • "Participating in Maths in Motion has given me more courage and inspiration to apply for PhD studies in mathematics education and to choose embodied mathematics education as my research subject. I have started my studies officially in January 2019 and my research subject is embodied mathematics education: how to use dance in mathematics education."

    Saara Lehto, Finland
  • "As I was arriving in the Netherlands the worries and fears of moving to a country and organization I knew nothing about were eating me. I was scared to be alone and I thought that I won’t be able to commit to living and working at the same place for a full year. Soon enough, I was proved wrong as I started working outside on projects. I had changed my job a few times, from doing outside work, working in the kitchen, working in a second-hand shop to working in the office of Olde Vechte until I found my fit. Trying and failing, learning by doing was very important for me to shake off this “lost” feeling that has been following me my entire life, and now I feel like there’s something beautiful opening up for me, and I’m the one who’s in charge of it. This experience is the most important experience I’ve had in my life so far. It feels like a gift that keeps on giving."

    "Extra Mile" May 2019-2020 (one year)
    Teodora Saltirova, Macedonia
  • "My volunteering experience started in July of 2019, when I decided to venture out past the walls of Lithuania to the open fields of Ommen, the Netherlands as a short-term volunteer in Olde Vechte Foundation. From the first day, I arrived everyone made me feel very at home in their environment and I found it very easy to settle in. Then I decided to stay for the long term. Throughout my volunteering experience, I have learned a great deal about myself as well as my surroundings and other cultures, I have learned what it is to live in a community sharing a house with multiple people, how to manage my time and finances to live comfortably. I am very thankful for the volunteering experience in Olde Vechte and I will always keep it in my heart as a valuable experience."

    "Extra Mile" September 2019-2020 (one year)
    Patricija Gustaityte, Lithuania
  • The vocal aspect of the training helped me to be aware of the power of my voice and I realized that is an important tool in my work as a trainer. The concrete feed-backs were very useful and having the opportunity to implement them on the spot, brought me a lot of insights I was not aware of before. Now I feel that I can use my voice in a more conscious way, which is a great support in creating the atmosphere I want for my participants.

    – Magyarosi Bella, Outdoor trainer, Romania

  • The most valuable knowledge I gained was when working with the Winkelaar method. I now feel confident when creating training, because the process is clear to me. Next to this, now I have a better understanding on how to work for and together with a client. Lastly I now strongly feel the importance of context for participants in training courses. It has been a valuable training for me. 

    –Anna Moro, mediator, Italy

  • "Choice training was the place where I realized all I want is to be authentic and got connected with who I truly am. It was a moment of lightness, clarity and love."

    - Despoina Rafailidou, Greece

  • "For me it was provocation, self-discovery and a psychological game that does not stop while sleeping. It was a tricky ride an a roller-coaster that finally had a stop in my everyday life. It was a lesson on the "unbearable lightness of being"."

    - Viktória Vígh, Hungary

  • "For me Choice Training was a breakthrough all my fears, I achieved inner peace and self awareness. It was remarkable."

    - Bilal Hmoud, Jordan

  • "My best reality check experience. Some of the best days in my life. Loved the professional care people took from very first to very last moment of training."

    - Eimantas Didzbalis, Ireland

  • "I've discovered several things: coaching is my passion, different coaching tools and techniques, ability to listen is very important, I'm quite sensitive to other people. Coaching is a very good tool to work with goals and for diagnostics."

    - Andrii Suslenko, Communications specialist

  • "By connecting to and harnessing my intuition, I could get insight into my systems, relationships, feelings and most importantly connection to fantastic people helping me on my journey. It opened up a wide spectrum in the world of systemic approach and systemic constellations. I truly enjoyed the playful note of the 5 days, yet it delivered great content, further information to look after and learn in the upcoming months and years. Exciting, varied means and methods. Brilliant week."

    - Kata Foldes, Hungary

  • "I was open but reserved regarding constellations since it was my first encounter, but it took me by surprise and big time. At some points it wasn't pretty or easy to but truly healthy especially afterwards. Beautiful five days! Valuable milestone to continue live, learn and grow!"

    - Artis Armalis, Latvia

  • "It was a trip to the mysterious world of a new coaching technique, the constellations! Following all the stars of the present, the past and the future, I experience all the different levels of work on this method. Through experiential learning I could practice my skills on this technique and explore sides of myself that were not clear and give myself some answers."

    - Olga Karageorgiou, Greece

  • "I did quite a lot personal development trainings where I work basically with my mind and thinking. Constellations were focus only on intuition and gut feeling. And this was a huge breakthrough for me. I have never had such an interesting and intense learning experience before in such a short time. I could not say I have got a clear answer what exactly to do in every step on my life. But I can truly say I've realised the approach towards my issue I wanted to solve. And now after more than half a year of this training I feel very much ok in my path and slowly but surely building my life the way it feels relaxed, enjoyable and fulfilling."

    - Ignas Skudrickas, Lithuania

  • "Life changing experience personally and professionally. Energy flow and feeling that it was planned to be there for me. Programme was intensive, deep, specific and significant."

    - Ieva Garjane, Latvia

  • "This training was atypical from all points of view; it was something that couldn't have been anticipated by anyone who hadn't done constellations before. The power of the method is beyond what one would usually imagine. It quickly goes very deep and brings out essential elements of the addressed situation. It was the most powerful training I have ever attended. "

    - Claudia Ilinca Toderean, Romania

  • "A beautifully inspiring conversation with my own intuition, and a confronting set of insights about my family and organisation that led me to take some actions and explore further. This training was a great encounter with forces beyond me."

    - Miki Ambrozy, Hungary

  • "I use the coaching techniques when I hit communication roadblocks with close people, to get unstuck without reaching an argument. Also when a friend shares a difficulty I try to take the conversation to a constructive place where my friend gets ideas on next steps without giving advice as I usually would. Also when talking to myself, I watch if I don't put myself in a victim's position and strive to gain ownership of the situation."

    - Nora Georgieva, Marketing Expert

  • "It inspired me to study coaching further and deepen my knowledge in this field. The practicality and the coaching assignments that we had during the training made me realize what is the style that suits me the best."

    - Kiry Noémi Ambrus, trainer and coach

  • "The skills I learned are useful to be able to listen and help others around me to find the right solution for their situation. I make sure that at least every week I spend some time with my older son to listen to his issues and help him deal with challenges. With my daughter  I do some coaching while we play or tell her stories. My students also benefit from the coaching skills I gained."

    - Andy Bugeja, Lecturer

  • "I am better at listening to others without jumping to conclusions or this burning feeling of "I need to solve all your problems!"

    - Ilze Ozola, project manager & journalist

  • "Recently I started to have communication and cooperation trainings for companies, where my coaching knowledge supports me a lot in working with them towards their goals. I also held some workshops for young adults on personal development, where I used coaching to help each individual to make the next step towards their dreams."

    - Marton Laura, trainer

  • "Doing an EVS at Olde Vechte Foundation was one of the best choices in my life. I have learned how to be independent, how to arrange my daily life, how to work in a team. Also I had the opportunity to learn and discover languages, cultures and I've got the freedom to learn and to develop myself."

    “YES EVS” 2016-2017 (one year)
    Dávid Diószegi, Hungary
  • "I took more coachees after I came back from the training and I made my own coach page to build a reputation. I am also presenting myself as a coach now in my network. "

    - Roxana Bucur - teacher, coach and researcher

  • "The most relevant experience of the training that I implement in my life is giving feedback/building conversations with people, both in my professional and personal life."

    - Anne Smeets, student

  • "I got a great introduction about the  body empowerment and contact exercises which can be an asset tool for coaching sessions and I learned how to work with people in a limited amount of time and how to lead myself into the right questions."

    - Vasiliki Koutrouli, Artist

  • "The Coaching and Mentoring Training supported me greatly in developing my own approach as a coach. I gained a lot of clarity about my assumptions, goals and strategy. At the same time, the training furthered my personal development as it helped me to become aware of many blind spots and patterns in my thinking and behavior."

    - Simon Kornhäusl, Change Facilitator

  • "I am not new in self-discovering, but I was really surprised with things I faced during this training. It was very challenging, exciting and inspiring experience for me. It's not about getting a new information, but about getting knowledge embodied."

    - Lesia Marchuk, Ukraine

  • "Choice was a journey of reflection about my life, and the realization that i had the power to change, grow and live. The choice was mine all along. And so it began."

    - Costas Papsanakis, Greece

  • "How can I contain a whole year in a couple of lines? During my EVS, I overworked, slacked off, cooked for 74 people, biked hundreds of kilometers, cried, laughed, baked cakes, painted walls, laminated papers and fixed flat tires. And most of the time, I made mistakes. Glorious, silly, unprecedented mistakes. So I learned, every day more and more, I learned how I function as an individual and as a part of society. Now I know that I can spread my colours everywhere, without doubt or fear. I arrived to Olde Vechte as a lost soul, I leave as an illuminated source of inspiration."

    "Yes EVS" 2015-2016 (one year)
    Daphne Vasila, Greece
  • "How immensely delightful is it to realize that I myself possess the power of choice? That I have the driving force of inner light, that shines on everything and everyone around me. That lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine."

    - Daphne Vasila, Greece

  • "We had a Study Visit at the Olde Vechte foundation and we stayed in the Zeesse building. There we experienced the special energy of the foundation that’s formed by their unique approach on how to work with groups. The bedrooms were comfortable and easily suited our group’s needs. Breakfast and lunch were traditional Dutch with bread and many different spreads, cheese and cold meat. The dinner was very tasty and diverse. We also used the area around Zeesse a lot, and there was plenty space for different activities. We also went to the gym nearby in Ommen where the more active sessions took place.
    Besides the director, the staff working at the foundation consists of volunteers and during our visit they took care of many of the daily tasks, such as cooking food, cleaning and other practicalities. It was interesting to spend time with them and hear about their experience working at the foundation. After the study visit a partnership between Dansk ICYE and Olde Vechte were created, and we are now working closely with them and members of Dansk ICYE have been back on their Event wise course and many more will go in the future. If you have a project that is in line with the foundation’s activities, I highly recommend their accommodations."

    - Dansk ICYE, Denmark

  • "Our organization Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip (JUB) regularly requires a venue for the international trainings we organize. Olde Vechte is a very comfortable place to be with a group, with good beds, nutritious food and it has an inspirational environment. It is also very pleasant for us that the staff is cooperative and thinking with us. We are always happy to return and I highly recommend it to other organizations."

    - Martijn Bergsma. Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip (JUB), The Netherlands

  • "It was perfect environment for understanding my self through others. It was hard , and uncomfortable but at the same time it gave me many breakthroughs. To be honest , I received the most only after the training when I was reflecting on my own. I believe each one receives his own experience in Choice. "

    - Reinis Širokovs, Latvia

  • "I thought it first to be a traditional type of delivering training with might be some of interesting exercises and active interaction within, but discovered that those who are behind tailoring that program were actually designing a whole different life experience! An experience to pass-over differences of people in terms of mindset, cultural aspects, values & beliefs, perceptions, behavior and how to do such a bridge though in short time but effective and rich thorough the well chosen tools, techniques and exercises which led the program to personally impact my character and sharpening my vision and outlook into things."

    - Mohamed Nabil Kahlil, Egypt

  • "We have rented Olde Vechte accommodation for 3 times until now (and have already booked for the future). We rented it in order to realise our exchange and trainings there. The accommodation is spacious, bright, has enough facilities and furnished us with all the office and media materials we needed. There is plenty of space for indoor and outdoor activities. The catering service is also something unique. In the previous years, when we rented another accommodation, we had to prepare every meal by ourselves...Olde Vechte catering is really good and saves us and the participants quite some time, which we can devote to other activities. Good price and service, we are very happy with it."

    - Cherry Group, The Netherlands

  • "Love, fulfillment, commitment and creativity. It was an amazing experience! Lots of learning for me as a person and also professionally to become trainer and youth worker. Also being faced with homesickness by living here has been a great lesson. :)"

    "Yes EVS" 2015-2016 (one year)
    Ilze Vanaga, Latvia
  • "For me is the first training where I discovered my limits. Out door activity taught me that the life can give us the situations when we must not give up. I could take the decision for my future life and to keep it. Now I'm getting out from "the box" because I don't have time to lose. For the first time I think at myself. The human being has undiscovered limits. We need to have the courage to discover them."

    - Olimpia Becheru, Italy

  • "It was the most confrontative training I've ever attended, but built up in such a professional way, that each and every (self)confrontation ended up with my victory of learning, experiencing something very crucial and wonderful. From a sort of resignation the training lead me back to my resources, opened my heart to joy and love and recharged me with energy hope and trust."

    - Julia Vincz, Hungary

  • "The Event Wise Training changed the way I see myself and my life. This training brought me a lot of clarity on who and how am I in my life, deeper understanding about my patterns and how I approach various situations in my life. One of the biggest insights was to realise that my life is a series of events and I have the power to decide how i want to react (or not) to those events. I am aware I have a lot more to learn, while the Event Wise training was a very good first step into knowing myself better and taking a stronger ownership of my life."

    - Atanas Genkov, Bulgaria

  • "Best thing you can do for yourself! It was mind blowing. Made me break at lot of personal limits and learn more about myself. Had the greatest experience of my life until that moment. I would repeat it anytime. Love it!"

    - Constantin Palade, Romania

  • "It is the experience that a person will never regret having gone through. At first my cousin recommended it to me without giving me any details. Because i trust him I decided to go for it. During the training I felt ups and downs, I really enjoyed all the exercises we have done and the games we played. I did things like dancing and presenting myself which I would rarely do before. I got to know new people from different countries and I learned new things about cultures. Also what I am feeling now is that I have really changed my life during this training and I have changed so many things in my life. So many bad things that I now stopped doing, now I am feeling positive. I have changed my perception towards people's behavior and I started to believe more on myself."

    - Mahmoud Shehab, Egypt

  • "If I really want to do something, there is nothing that can prevent me from making it real. Before the training I knew that it was a good one for self development. However, it hasn't just been good, it was gorgeous! From the very first moment of the training I felt it totally connected to me! I saw that we all are facing the same situations in our lives, and somehow manage to get over it. Before the training, I felt stupid when I faced a hard situation and thought that I could not manage it as it was my fault to face it. Here I discovered that I was not alone in this. The situation can happen to anybody and it is not our faults, and of course we are not stupid. It made me realise many things, what I have already achieved (which made me feel powerful) and the things I can still work on. All I leanred here I can use in the future. Because everything is possible, if I can think of it. I have the power to make it real. This training has helped me me much in finding the inner power. It is like I am reborn with energy."

    - Sezin Irtem, Turkey

  • "The training showed me how I behave and cooperate within a group of people and why this cooperation gets stuck so often. For me the training was about concentrated self: experiences combined with en educational parts. I put myself into new environment in order to see my usual behavior, feeling and thoughts. After this focus on myself I located blocks, mistaken paths which are a part of my actions and mind. So my next step was correction. And taking action in practical surrounding. I found this training very useful for my personal life although in the general philosophy I missed some things."

    - Soňa Hergottová, Slovakia

  • "The Event Wise Training is an experience that made me "grow" a lot. It is impossible to describe all the benefits I got from living this training and from meeting Olde Vechte's crew. In the trainings I faced the things that didn't work in my life and it gave me the energy to change them. I saw what was working in my life. It gave me a huge "push" to take my life and act in it, being proactive with my reality and giving me insights, new understandings and changing patterns that were not useful. Since when I attended the Event Wise I came back to assist twice, and then I participated to all the other trainings and assisted them too. I found very skilled trainers and a style of handling the groups and working in trainings that is unique and worth to see and to model. Thank you very much!"

    - Luca Crivellari, Italy

  • "Because of a lot of different activities, I realized that a many obstacles in life are much simpler than they seem. I'm overthinking less and doing more about my goals and dreams. :) These seven intensive days pushed my limits higher and remembered me that life is a lot about the fun and enjoyment. The words that I associate with this training: fun, interesting, complicated, scary, variety, amazing people, fellowship, new, funny, lovely, beautiful..."

    - Sara Hauptfeld, Croatia

  • "Event wise was a very good experience. First of all, I never had practice in English before, and I actually started to speak there. Secondly it has made me believe that I am strong, it gave me courage and after the training I started to be active instead be passive. Also I met nice people and I had so much fun. :) The trainers and staff were working with enthusiasm they were super nice."

    - Nino Kartvelishvili, Georgia

  • "I was a team member and some of the processes I did for the first time. It was an amazing experience and amazing time what I spent there with participants and other team members. The trainers are such professionals and the training is full with nice surprises. I suggest to attend this training if you feel lost at this moment or if you just want to experience something new in your life. Like to meet nice people from different countries and to see beautiful Ommen. I enjoyed every minute and the preparation time what I spent there. It was one of my best summers."

    - Baiba Skadina, Latvia

  • "The Event Wise training made me question assumptions about myself and others that I somehow perceived as the “ultimate truth”. This has allowed me to look at everyday situations in different perspective and helped me to adapt into them more easily. I recommend this training to anybody who is brave enough to improve their quality of life and learn something new about themselves. Go for it!"

    - Laima Hauka, Latvia

  • "Very insightful, experiential, yet practical - you gain new perspective about the world and yourself, along with great tools to help you achieve more fulfillment. The training was a very unique experience, that had great impact on me, my attitude towards life and how a project myself on a daily basis. It is difficult to describe in words how amazing the people I met in Olde Vechte are, and how very grateful I am for taking the decision to participate. No matter where you are in life, this would bring new possibilities.”

    - Velimira Velikova, Bulgaria

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Participation fee

€525 - general participation fee for people with a paid job or their own company.

€450 - for loyal customers of Olde Vechte who took part in another open call training.

€450 - for people without a paid job and students.
€ 380 - for loyal customers of Olde Vechte who took part in another open call training and who don't have a paid job or are students. 

Participants take care of their travel expenses. Accommodation and food are covered by Olde Vechte.

How to register

If you want to register for the training, you need to be above 18+ and English speaking. Click the register button on the left and fill in the registration form.

If you’re not sure whether this training is a good fit for you, you can schedule a short 15-minute talk with the Head trainer - Marko Vlaming. Please book your time HERE.

The selection of the participants is based on chronological order and will be up to 30 people. After submitting your application form, you will receive an email with practical information.

If you're interested register below, the 6th edition of Source training will take place during the last week of October 2024 - we'll specify the details at a future date.
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The trainers of this course:

Marko Vlaming

Youth worker, Head Trainer and Director

I started 25 years ago as a youth worker after I graduated in "Social and Cultural Work". Besides doing youth work and training courses, various coaching approaches became part of my daily work. In the last 12 years, I`ve been developing my personal style of coaching with care by connecting experiential learning contexts with the systemic approach. It creates unlimited opportunities to constantly apply coaching techniques and to support people in building up their dream lives toward fulfillment.

Lena Nasiakou

Learning Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Play is our brain's favorite way of learning. This is what guides me as a learning specialist and embodiment trainer. Driven by a passion for what I do I am coming up with creative ways to stimulate learning, so trainees can enjoy a dynamic learning process besides gaining a deeper understanding. For this reason, embodied methodologies come along in the trainings I deliver. Combining my studies in Adult and Primary education together with my love for body movement and theater, I perceive trainings as a playground in which I’m creating tailor-made and engaging programs for adults, teachers, and trainers.

Alina Porumboiu

Psychotherapist, Trainer and Coach

The fascination for moments of change, courage, and connection has been the guiding force towards working with people (young and adults) in the context of coaching and therapy. I often find myself immersed in an interaction, creating space for new perspectives to arise. There has been a constant curiosity about relationships (couple, parent-child, work-related and between inner parts) for as long as I can remember. I like to listen with all my body to the story behind the words and with kind sharpness to invite to a deeper delving.

“When there is an urge to make everything stop, better make it move.”


The training takes place in the Olde Vechte Foundation community centre in Ommen, the Netherlands and is organized in and around the premises of the Olde Vechte Foundation.

You’ll stay in a shared (2-4 people) room with common toilets/showers located on every floor. There is Wi-Fi available and you will have access to the washing machine and a dryer.

The accommodation is located within a walking distance from Ommen city center (approx. 500 m). We will send you further information about how to get there and what to bring with you after your application form is approved.

As a foundation, Olde Vechte has its own training centre/community centre which enables us to keep our activities accessible to more people. During our trainings, the participant groups are taking care of the buildings and the cleanliness of their living spaces (such as cleaning their own dishes after meals). Besides the fact that it allows us to keep our participation fees low, it is also supportive for group processes - you have the chance to meet each other in another way, not just during the program.