The training centre provides the infrastructure to deliver and implement open call trainings and programs funded by Erasmus+. Full time volunteers run the training centre and they maintain and prepare the buildings for these occasions.

During the projects and trainings, the organising team and the participants are solely responsible to keep these on going tasks, which results in a self-run approach. This is a fundamental reason for our great offers and pricing.

The Training centre of the foundation Olde Vechte is located in Ommen the Netherlands. It is near the river de Vecht at the edge of the historical town Ommen (17.000 inhabitants). It is only a 500 metres walk to the city centre, with supermarkets, restaurants and a wide range of shops.

Even being in the countryside, it is only 1,5 hours by train to Amsterdam airport and therefore, it is easily reachable for international travellers.

The property has two independent group accommodations. The main house Olde Vechte has 17 sleeping rooms and the Country House Zeesse 9 sleeping rooms. Both buildings have a full-equipped kitchen, living rooms and cosy areas. There are outside terraces and surrounding playing fields with a great view over the river to the town.

In 2016 a new training room of 150 square metres was built. It has a new sustainable floor heating system where the sessions of the trainings take place and provides also a work place for groups.

Next to the premises, there are 3 apartments. Each of them has 4 rooms to host (12) the volunteer’s and staff members of the foundation.

The whole property is around 4 hectares and contains also a small forest, which enables enough space to be on your own in the breaks or reflection moments during the training. It is a great spot to do all kind of outdoor activities, games or personal assignments, working in couples or small reflection groups.

It’s lovely landscape with historical places; the very small village and family farms make the countryside of Ommen. This landscape is inviting to have bicycle rides or a nice walk in the forest around the corner.
  • "I've discovered several things: coaching is my passion, different coaching tools and techniques, ability to listen is very important, I'm quite sensitive to other people. Coaching is a very good tool to work with goals and for diagnostics."

    - Andrii Suslenko, Communications specialist

  • "I use the coaching techniques when I hit communication roadblocks with close people, to get unstuck without reaching an argument. Also when a friend shares a difficulty I try to take the conversation to a constructive place where my friend gets ideas on next steps without giving advice as I usually would. Also when talking to myself, I watch if I don't put myself in a victim's position and strive to gain ownership of the situation."

    - Nora Georgieva, Marketing Expert

  • "It inspired me to study coaching further and deepen my knowledge in this field. The practicality and the coaching assignments that we had during the training made me realize what is the style that suits me the best."

    - Kiry Noémi Ambrus, trainer and coach

  • "The skills I learned are useful to be able to listen and help others around me to find the right solution for their situation. I make sure that at least every week I spend some time with my older son to listen to his issues and help him deal with challenges. With my daughter  I do some coaching while we play or tell her stories. My students also benefit from the coaching skills I gained."

    - Andy Bugeja, Lecturer

  • "I am better at listening to others without jumping to conclusions or this burning feeling of "I need to solve all your problems!"

    - Ilze Ozola, project manager & journalist

  • "Recently I started to have communication and cooperation trainings for companies, where my coaching knowledge supports me a lot in working with them towards their goals. I also held some workshops for young adults on personal development, where I used coaching to help each individual to make the next step towards their dreams."

    - Marton Laura, trainer

  • "I took more coachees after I came back from the training and I made my own coach page to build a reputation. I am also presenting myself as a coach now in my network. "

    - Roxana Bucur - teacher, coach and researcher

  • "The most relevant experience of the training that I implement in my life is giving feedback/building conversations with people, both in my professional and personal life."

    - Anne Smeets, student

  • "I got a great introduction about the  body empowerment and contact exercises which can be an asset tool for coaching sessions and I learned how to work with people in a limited amount of time and how to lead myself into the right questions."

    - Vasiliki Koutrouli, Artist

  • "The Coaching and Mentoring Training supported me greatly in developing my own approach as a coach. I gained a lot of clarity about my assumptions, goals and strategy. At the same time, the training furthered my personal development as it helped me to become aware of many blind spots and patterns in my thinking and behavior."

    - Simon Kornhäusl, Change Facilitator

  • "I thought it first to be a traditional type of delivering training with might be some of interesting exercises and active interaction within, but discovered that those who are behind tailoring that program were actually designing a whole different life experience! An experience to pass-over differences of people in terms of mindset, cultural aspects, values & beliefs, perceptions, behavior and how to do such a bridge though in short time but effective and rich thorough the well chosen tools, techniques and exercises which led the program to personally impact my character and sharpening my vision and outlook into things."

    - Mohamed Nabil Kahlil, Egypt