The 41st Choice training is open for registration!

Join this 5-day practical training to reconnect to the source of your inner power. 'Choice' is the most human training we have. You’ll be challenged to face and overcome the barriers you’ve built throughout the years & redefine your life path in a way that brings you joy and fulfillment.
About Choice Training

Choice Training is unlike any other of our programs. It will cause you think from your heart and make a stand for who you are and what you are committed to in your life.

While Event Wise is focused on the awareness of how you are with the world and others, the program of Choice Training helps you explore your relationship with yourself, your beliefs & patterns. It’s all about you as a unique human being.

It consists of 5 days and has no outdoor part. The group is limited to 24 participants, and the training itself has fewer lectures and constant dive into experience and reflection.

This training is open to participants aged 18+ who’ve previously participated in Event Wise or Basic Synergy Training.

What will you get out of this training?
Similar to Event Wise experience the outcomes of Choice Training are very individual and depend on where you’re in your life now and what you’re committed to. Here are some of the outcomes you might create during the training:

Unshakeable confidence

Gain confidence which comes from within and help you build the life you want.

Boosted vitality

Reconnect with your joyful energy which allows you live your life with passion.

Improved quality of relationships

Connect to yourself and others on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Connection to your inner power

Learn to get in contact with the source of your inner power in a way you cannot lose it.
How does the training work?
  1. You fill in a detailed questionnaire for self-reflection which you receive 10 days before the program starts.
  2. Identify what is not working in your life: the cause, rather than the symptom of its emergence.
  3. Confront your self-deception and the barriers you built which prevent you from living your life with energy and passion.
  4. Reconnect with the source of your power and challenge your greatness to realise your unlimited potential.
  5. Learn how to implement the changes in your life.
  • "Choice training was the place where I realized all I want is to be authentic and got connected with who I truly am. It was a moment of lightness, clarity and love."

    - Despoina Rafailidou, Greece

  • "For me it was provocation, self-discovery and a psychological game that does not stop while sleeping. It was a tricky ride an a roller-coaster that finally had a stop in my everyday life. It was a lesson on the "unbearable lightness of being"."

    - Viktória Vígh, Hungary

  • "For me Choice Training was a breakthrough all my fears, I achieved inner peace and self awareness. It was remarkable."

    - Bilal Hmoud, Jordan

  • "My best reality check experience. Some of the best days in my life. Loved the professional care people took from very first to very last moment of training."

    - Eimantas Didzbalis, Ireland

  • "I am not new in self-discovering, but I was really surprised with things I faced during this training. It was very challenging, exciting and inspiring experience for me. It's not about getting a new information, but about getting knowledge embodied."

    - Lesia Marchuk, Ukraine

  • "Choice was a journey of reflection about my life, and the realization that i had the power to change, grow and live. The choice was mine all along. And so it began."

    - Costas Papsanakis, Greece

  • "How immensely delightful is it to realize that I myself possess the power of choice? That I have the driving force of inner light, that shines on everything and everyone around me. That lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine."

    - Daphne Vasila, Greece

  • "It was perfect environment for understanding my self through others. It was hard , and uncomfortable but at the same time it gave me many breakthroughs. To be honest , I received the most only after the training when I was reflecting on my own. I believe each one receives his own experience in Choice. "

    - Reinis Širokovs, Latvia

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How to register

If you wish to register, click the register button on the left and fill in the registration form. We’ll review your registration and come back to you with the next steps within 48 hours.

This training is open to participants aged 18+ who’ve previously participated in Event Wise or Basic Synergy Training. Please take into account that we cannot accept you in this training if you’re pregnant.

If you’re not sure this is a good timing for you to experience Choice Training, you can schedule a short 15-mins talk with the Head trainer - Yassar Markos. Please book your time in Calendly.

If you have any practical questions regarding the training, send us an email to

Participation fee

€480 - general participation fee
€390 (-15% discount) for people without paid jobs

To reserve your place in the training you’ll be offered 2 possibilities after registration:

  • Pay a deposit of 100 euros & send copies of tickets to the Netherlands OR
  • Pay a full amount of the participation fee.

Note: The participation fee covers the cost of the training, accommodation and meals during the whole duration of the program.


The training is delivered in simple and easy-to-understand English.

Satisfaction guarantee

Should you feel the training has not been beneficial for you in any way, you can request a refund of your training fee. The only condition is that you have attended every training session and have participated in every process.

Are you ready to reconnect to your inner power and reclaim your life?

The main trainer of this course is Yassar Markos.

He will be assisted by an experienced international team.

Yassar Markos

Trainer & Coach

Yassar has been working with Olde Vechte since 2010. He is an entrepreneur, trainer and coach with more than 13 years of experience in the fields of experiential learning, NLP, strategic influence and psychology based on human needs. In his career he worked with more than 14,000 people from all over the world - from Argentina to Europe to Russia.

Back in Bulgaria he also runs ‘University for personal development and entrepreneurship’, helps young experts in building their business online, and in 2019 he co-organized ‘Big Bang’, the biggest conference of Eastern Europe on entrepreneurship and personal development with over 2,500 participants.


The retreat takes place in Ommen, the Netherlands and is organised in and around the premises of the Olde Vechte Foundation.

You’ll stay in a shared (2-4 people) room with common toilets/showers located on every floor. There is Wi-Fi available and you will have access to the washing machine and a dryer.

The accommodation is located within a walking distance from Ommen city center (approx. 500 m). We will send you further information about how to get there and what to bring with you after your application form is approved.