The trainers of this course will be Yassar Markos and Giedre Kaupaite.

Yassar Markos

Trainer & Coach

Yassar has been working with Olde Vechte Foundation since 2010. He has been delivering trainings and workshops on different topics (personal development, coaching, NLP, communication, presentation skills, training for trainers, negotiation, productivity). He was formed as a medical doctor and is presently doing his masters in psychology.

Giedre Kaupaite


Giedre Kaupaite is a psychologist and trainer based in Italy, has been working with personal development trainings since 2010. Main topics she is passionate about are communication, inner and interpersonal conflict transformation, mastery of emotions. She uses experiential techniques, coaching, transactional analysis, creative tools and body movement in her work. Giedre has been working with psychologists, youth-workers, educators, communities and individuals in Europe and beyond. She is also doing online coaching and is giving councelling in her studio in Italy.