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The training is given in simple and easy to understand English.
Participation fee
€240 General participation fee.
€295 - for people with paid job
€295 - for people living in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom
€ 395 - for people with a paid job and living in one of the above-mentioned countries

To ensure your place in the training send us a copy of your travel booking by email. (If you don't need the travel reservation then transfer the registration fee of 100€)

Participants take care of their travel expenses. Accommodation and food are covered by Olde Vechte.

How to apply
If you want to apply for the training, you need to be above 18, and to have already participated in an Event Wise or Basic Synergy training. Also, notice that we cannot accept you to participate in this training if you are pregnant. Click the register button on the left and fill in the application form.

If you fill these criteria you will get a confirmation letter. Two-three week before the training you will receive a questionnaire, which is there to support your experience in the Choice training. The questionnaire is a very important element of the training, and participation is only possible after its submission.
The training takes place in Ommen, the Netherlands and is organized in and around the group accommodation of Olde Vechte Foundation, in the building called Olde Vechte. To keep the participation fee low, we ask the participants to do light household duties.

In the house 17 sleeping rooms can be occupied by 2 to 3 people and the showers and toilets are common on the ground floor. There is a training room and places for recreation. There is a Wi-Fi connection and a washing machine and a dryer that you can use.

The accommodation is located within a walking distance from Ommen city centre (approx. 500 m). We will send you more information about how to get there and what to bring with you after your application form is approved.