The CHOICE training is a vital and dynamic process of doing. It is grounded in the principle that your life is your own creation and you have the power to choose how to live. The core theme of all training days is complete freedom and self-expression meant to give you space to get in contact with your inner power, and express it in every moment.

Daily themes

As the training focuses on the relationship between you and yourself, you can expect all kinds of outcomes and experiences throughout the training. Nevertheless, each day has its main theme that is present in all activities. Below you find an outline of the topics of the CHOICE Training day by day.
Day 1 - Choice
For the first day the theme is choice. Straight from the beginning, you will get the chance to identify what you want to focus on during the training. Also, during this day, you have the opportunity to experience how you define yourself through your own standards, as well as through the feedback of your environment.
Day 2 - Commitment
The second day of the training offers the opportunity to explore and express your commitment to life. How can I express my needs and desires to my surroundings and myself? Do I show up the way I want to? How can I release my stress and create energy in any moment?
Day 3 - Inner power
The third day is built around the elements of vitality and inner power. How can I experience full vitality in any circumstances? How can I get in contact authentically with my already existing inner power?
Day 4 - Joy & Self-Expression
Joy and self-expression are the themes that arise during the fourth day. How can I experience total joy? How can I create a space for my own self- expression? How can I master my fun and creativity, whenever I want to?
Day 5 - Authenticity & Freedom
The fifth day is dealing with the values of authenticity and freedom. How can I create authentic experiences for my surroundings and me? How can I create a free space for expression for others and myself?

Methods of the training

Structure and Processes

The processes that take place in the CHOICE Training build upon your experiences in the Basic Synergy (Event Wise) training. Therefore, it is a requirement that all applicants have participated in Basic Synergy (Event Wise). The CHOICE Training has fewer lectures, more individual participation, fewer participants and more direct interaction between the trainer(s) and the participants. The learning method in both trainings is similar, although sometimes the processes in Choice are more intense and may stimulate more emotional responses than those you experienced in the Basic Training.

Ground rules

Ground rules are designed to assist everyone in working cooperatively, within the given context. Before the training starts, you will be asked to agree to the ground rules of the training and sign.


As part of the training, you will participate in a number of different games, both individually and in groups. These processes are designed to allow you to discover and explore new ways of being that are powerful and effective, which you most likely don’t use in your daily life.


At many points throughout the training you will be asked to share about yourself and what you are learning with the other participants, as well as to listen about the experiences of others.

Interaction with others

Most of the learning in the CHOICE Training comes as an interpersonal experience, where you actively interact with the other participants. The trainer is present to support you in defining your commitment and give you honest feedback, as to whether or not you are on track with what you want to achieve throughout the process. The interaction with others will allow you to examine your attitudes and behaviors.

Homework and assignments

You will be given “homework” and assignments to complete outside of the training room. These are designed to assist you to reflect on your experience and bring greater clarity into your learning.

  • "By connecting to and harnessing my intuition, I could get insight into my systems, relationships, feelings and most importantly connection to fantastic people helping me on my journey. It opened up a wide spectrum in the world of systemic approach and systemic constellations. I truly enjoyed the playful note of the 5 days, yet it delivered great content, further information to look after and learn in the upcoming months and years. Exciting, varied means and methods. Brilliant week."

    - Kata Foldes, Hungary

  • "I was open but reserved regarding constellations since it was my first encounter, but it took me by surprise and big time. At some points it wasn't pretty or easy to but truly healthy especially afterwards. Beautiful five days! Valuable milestone to continue live, learn and grow!"

    - Artis Armalis, Latvia

  • "It was a trip to the mysterious world of a new coaching technique, the constellations! Following all the stars of the present, the past and the future, I experience all the different levels of work on this method. Through experiential learning I could practice my skills on this technique and explore sides of myself that were not clear and give myself some answers."

    - Olga Karageorgiou, Greece

  • "I did quite a lot personal development trainings where I work basically with my mind and thinking. Constellations were focus only on intuition and gut feeling. And this was a huge breakthrough for me. I have never had such an interesting and intense learning experience before in such a short time. I could not say I have got a clear answer what exactly to do in every step on my life. But I can truly say I've realised the approach towards my issue I wanted to solve. And now after more than half a year of this training I feel very much ok in my path and slowly but surely building my life the way it feels relaxed, enjoyable and fulfilling."

    - Ignas Skudrickas, Lithuania

  • "Life changing experience personally and professionally. Energy flow and feeling that it was planned to be there for me. Programme was intensive, deep, specific and significant."

    - Ieva Garjane, Latvia

  • "This training was atypical from all points of view; it was something that couldn't have been anticipated by anyone who hadn't done constellations before. The power of the method is beyond what one would usually imagine. It quickly goes very deep and brings out essential elements of the addressed situation. It was the most powerful training I have ever attended. "

    - Claudia Ilinca Toderean, Romania

  • "A beautifully inspiring conversation with my own intuition, and a confronting set of insights about my family and organisation that led me to take some actions and explore further. This training was a great encounter with forces beyond me."

    - Miki Ambrozy, Hungary