Choice training has the same setup and structure as the Event Wise training. In this training we are offering a learning environment in which you, as participant, come with those questions you want to work on and go through a series of dynamic processes that will give you a new learning perspective.

About the Choice training
While Event Wise is focussed on awareness of your communication with others, insights and behavior, the processes of Choice are focused on communication with yourself, patterns, and beliefs. It’s all about you as a unique human being. Through the design of the training and the processes, there is a sustainable development opening up for you. Realizing that you always have another choice creates a liberating feeling and helps you to redefine your life path in a way that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Choice consists of 5 days and has no outdoor part. The participants group is max 24 and there are two trainers supported by a team of 5-6 assistants. The training has fewer lectures than the Event Wise Training and it has additional processes that are more detailed and dynamic. The length of the trainings days can vary and depends on the group, in general the days are well-filled.

During all the days there are smaller assignments and processes between the ones described above to support you in your learning and development, also there are sharings where you can work on your personal questions and reflect on the different parts of the training. There is music to support the processes and some body movement to keep you energetic and fresh.
Day 1
In the first day we identify the questions and situations you want to work on, on basis of a questionnaire you fill in 2-3 weeks before the training. In the second part of the day you will give and receive feedback, learning first how to deliver it as well as how to handle it and to take from it what can support your development. At the end of the day you will get a set of questions to answer before the start of the second day.
Day 2
The second day starts with looking at the questions and to the self-deception and results of your assignment, it is followed by a process on how to support each other during the training. The last process of the day is all about aliveness, to step over the limitations you think you have and create a deep understanding of what is important in your life, how to make changes and handle disappointments. Again, at the end of the day, there is a set of question in order to prepare you for the next day.
Day 3
The third day is a day full of processes. There is a reflection on the day before and what you got out of it and what needs to be added, it’s followed by a serious play on using your full potential without hesitation and later by a process that supports you to let go of the obstacles in your life and the emotional prices that you pay if you keep them. After this cleaning part we go to how to deal with intimacy and yourself in an embodied way. The last part of the day is there to get in touch with the source of your life energy and create an anchor in the way that you can always access this source and make it a sustainable energy in your life.
Day 4
The fourth day is about giving and taking energy, how it affects you and the people around you, how to master it and maintain it. In the follow up of this part there is a very entertaining process on how to create joy and to learn in a way you never forget and are capable to create it whenever you want.
Day 5
The fifth day is preparing you to put this newly acquired awareness of the training into your daily life. There are several processes that support you in how to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time in your own surrounding. Harvesting and celebrating and of course, it would not be Olde Vechte if there wasn’t a beautiful closing with acknowledgment.
Results of the training
Just like in Event Wise participant come out of this training with personal results since it´s an individual training given in a group context. You go in with your own questions and issues and will come out with your own results.
Read what the Choice training has brought to other people:
  • "Choice training was the place where I realized all I want is to be authentic and got connected with who I truly am. It was a moment of lightness, clarity and love."

    - Despoina Rafailidou, Greece

  • "For me it was provocation, self-discovery and a psychological game that does not stop while sleeping. It was a tricky ride an a roller-coaster that finally had a stop in my everyday life. It was a lesson on the "unbearable lightness of being"."

    - Viktória Vígh, Hungary

  • "For me Choice Training was a breakthrough all my fears, I achieved inner peace and self awareness. It was remarkable."

    - Bilal Hmoud, Jordan

  • "My best reality check experience. Some of the best days in my life. Loved the professional care people took from very first to very last moment of training."

    - Eimantas Didzbalis, Ireland

  • "I am not new in self-discovering, but I was really surprised with things I faced during this training. It was very challenging, exciting and inspiring experience for me. It's not about getting a new information, but about getting knowledge embodied."

    - Lesia Marchuk, Ukraine

  • "Choice was a journey of reflection about my life, and the realization that i had the power to change, grow and live. The choice was mine all along. And so it began."

    - Costas Papsanakis, Greece

  • "How immensely delightful is it to realize that I myself possess the power of choice? That I have the driving force of inner light, that shines on everything and everyone around me. That lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine."

    - Daphne Vasila, Greece

  • "It was perfect environment for understanding my self through others. It was hard , and uncomfortable but at the same time it gave me many breakthroughs. To be honest , I received the most only after the training when I was reflecting on my own. I believe each one receives his own experience in Choice. "

    - Reinis Širokovs, Latvia