Have you ever imagined that your students can explore symmetry through dance steps, gain a deeper understanding on equations with choreographies and make sense of graphs by using their bodies? As nowadays more and more students are struggling in math and have difficulties to comprehend and put in practice what they learn, the need of a universal, accessible and fun way of approaching math is emerging. Maths & Moves is a training where you can explore how to teach maths one step at a time.

Course details
Maths ‘n’ Moves is a 6 days international training course for educators that offers an innovative and inclusive way to approach mathematics. The idea is to explore, make sense of and gain a deeper understanding of mathematics by simply moving in the space. Using the body in the educational practice, enable students’ experiential participation and attracts their interest, while making the learning fun and effective.
The Training Method
Maths & Moves training course is build upon the foundation of embodied learning. Embodied learning is an educational method that involves the whole body in the learning process instead of keeping it just in an intellectual level. We offer a dynamic learning environment where you can experiment not only individually but also in pairs, in small groups and with the whole group.
Since is a training on how to use embodied method with your targets, we will train you the same way. That means, you will actively take part in math and movement modules, reflect upon your learning. You will learn how to build math and movement modules and you will create and implement your own. So during you will fully experience the training with your body, which allow you to own all the new learning/ knowledge and be able to stretch it in new situations.

Learn how to use a holistic teaching approach

Enrich the mathematical understanding of your students

Offer a fun and effective learning environment

Build your students’ imagination, interest and confidence towards math

The training is for:
Teachers in pre-primary, primary and secondary level, higher education institution staff, and educational institute staff.

It is for all of you who are curious to explore maths through an embodied method and excited to bring your energy and enthusiasm.
After the training you will:
  • Be confident to use an embodied method in maths
  • Be able to put straight in practice tools and modules of your own creation
  • Boost your motivation for teaching and create more satisfaction in your everyday work
  • Keep your professional practice up-to-date, effective and stimulating
  • Gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Get involved in international activities and broaden your professional network
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