The trainers of the upcoming Transform Conflicts into Learning Training will be Anna Moro and Ioanna Nolia Lefa.

Anna Moro

Trainer & Coach

Anna considers conflicts a privileged place to create connection, and to express and receive vulnerability. She has been working on this topic since 2012 in the frame of non formal education with different targets, from youngsters from post-war countries to children and parents. She is a mediator, and works also as a trainer and coach. Her work focuses on naming and expressing emotions, creating connection and communicating efficiently. She loves using storytelling as a tool to build bridges between personal experiences and desired learning, as well as creativity and systemic techniques to invite authentic self expression.

Ioanna Nolia Lefa

Trainer & Coach

Ioanna-Nolia believes that relationships are the cornerstone of the human experience. That is why she is working as a trainer and a coach with the aim of supporting people in creating the relationships they dream of in their personal and professional lives. With her background in psychology as a theoretical guide, she works on the topics of communication, emotional intelligence, conflict transformation, and Train the Trainers. Her methods include body movement, context learning, games, reflection and a focus on practicing the desired behavior, all with the goal that the participants find their own way of integrating their learnings in their lives.