Values-based education model to discover values and unleash the potential of young adults

Study visit in Romania

Why we do what we do? What influences our behavior? Values and beliefs we hold have a crucial influence on how we approach the world. The School of Values (Școala de Valori) mission is to lead young people to learn to become the creators of their own lives. The School of Values ​​guides young people to discover their values ​​and train their potential.

During a study visit in Romania, a team of the School of Values (Școala de Valori) introduced participants from partner organizations with concept and key principles of values-based education. Participants of the study visit had a chance to explore their own values; get to know about Schwartz model of values; gain a deeper understanding of values-based education and MIRACLE methodology. To connect the theoretical frame of values-based education and get the insight how to put it into practice in their own organizations, participants were introduced to design thinking tool and had a chance to develop their own workshops on values-based education according to the vision and mission of their organization, their target group and also their purpose.

Through activities presented during study visit and described in the article, School of Values (Școala de Valori) aims to support the professional development of those who work in education, training and adults with a view to innovating and improving the quality of teaching, training and adult work. This article gives insights into concept and key components of values-based education, the methodology of MIRACLE, Schwartz model, design thinking method and gives hands-on examples of activities and debriefing questions that can be used in introducing and incorporating concept of values-based education.

Study visit in Romania is part of the strategic partnership project ReACT. ReACT is a KA2 Erasmus+ Adult Education project which aims to create an immersed approach to battle unemployment. During this project seven organizations from six countries (Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania) come together and contribute to the project by offering their unique coaching & training expertise in order to create innovative training and coaching methodologies to support the targeted adults in entering the labor market. This article is part of the intellectual output - Workbook. Materials presented are free to use.