Empowering Incubated Social Entrepreneurs & Innovators through Coaching

Study visit in Athens, Greece

Social Entrepreneurship is the most sustainable solution of long term unemployment, when in the most developed countries the unemployment rate – especially for youth – is really high. Being a Social Entrepreneur means taking ownership and responsibility for our own life, the social, economical and environmental problems that our world faces. This is why coaching is important for their empowerment, during the good and the bad times of their journey.

Coaching incubated social entrepreneurs is a wonderful and revealing journey for both parties - coach and coachee. In order to be a successful social enterprise coach, it is important to have deep knowledge and understanding of social entrepreneurship fundamentals.

Twelve participants from six different countries embarked on this journey of coaching discoveries during a study visit in Athens. During the study visit, participants had the chance to initiate themselves in the field of social entrepreneurship.

This chapter provides information regarding the theoretical aspects of social impact coaching, such as the terms of social solidarity economy, social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development and the agenda 2030 of Global Goals for Sustainable Development, as well as some successful examples of social enterprises operating in Greece, as part of the learning outcomes of the Study Visit in Athens.

Study visit in Greece is part of the strategic partnership project ReACT. ReACT is a KA2 Erasmus+ Adult Education project which aims to create an immersed approach to battle unemployment. During this project seven organizations from six countries (Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania) come together and contribute to the project by offering their unique coaching & training expertise in order to create innovative training and coaching methodologies to support the targeted adults in entering the labor market. This article is part of the intellectual output - Workbook. Materials presented are free to use.