Mindset is the key to change

Study visit in Bulgaria

Trainings and courses on skill development are ineffective without working on people mindset. Ultimately the mindset influences everything from creative risk-taking, to how a person views feedback to whether or not a person finalizes difficult tasks. It is actually one of the greatest factors in determining whether or not one grows and improves abilities. Having the right mindset is the key to overcoming eventual damage (low self-esteem, lack of confidence, motivation, doubts in personal qualifications) from unemployment. Creating the right mindset involves taking actions and steps towards it.

During study visit in Bulgaria, twelve participants from six different countries explored what is the “right” mindset, or in other words, a supportive mindset for change to happen. An important element of the study visit was to identify how youth workers/educators/consultants own mindset towards target group influences approach they use and the results they gain. Evidently building connection with person and developing outward mindset is the key to successfully supporting the target group - longterm unemployed young adults.

This article aims to give insight in differences between fixed and a growth mindset; explain gains of developing outward mindset; give step by step guide and tools how to do that.

Study visit in Bulgaria is part of the strategic partnership project ReACT. ReACT is a KA2 Erasmus+ Adult Education project which aims to create an immersed approach to battle unemployment. During this project seven organizations from six countries (Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania) come together and contribute to the project by offering their unique coaching & training expertise in order to create innovative training and coaching methodologies to support the targeted adults in entering the labor market. This article is part of the intellectual output - Workbook. Materials presented are free to use.