Coaching: A dive into what is


The word coaching is just a door. What lies behind it is an intricate web of influences, awareness, wisdom, and selflessness. Before you, lies the first part of the coaching book you have been waiting to dive in. The part which explains how psychology, philosophy and neurobiology merged, creating a holistic approach towards a human tapping into language, body and mood. In one word: ontology.

When you go through these lines, try to connect it to your experience in the training, more specifically, how you felt in certain processes and how can you connect it with the theory you are reading. This will be your biggest personal development resource, needed when you are going to apply it to other people. First, you must be the participant. Always and with everything. Like first order learning, you are the first line of experience. Then, when insights settle and your eyes get used to the dark, suddenly you see better and more. Like second order learning. And only then can you support others who have spent their lives in the dark. You are the only one who will decide how you want to use this book: as a catapult or as an evening read.

The training course in the Netherlands is part of the strategic partnership project ReACT. ReACT is a KA2 Erasmus+ Adult Education project which aims to create an immersed approach to battle unemployment. During this project seven organizations from six countries (Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania) come together and contribute to the project by offering their unique coaching & training expertise in order to create innovative training and coaching methodologies to support the targeted adults in entering the labor market. This article is part of the intellectual output - Workbook. Materials presented are free to use.