Do you need facility equipped for dance, theater, music, media and outdoor activities?

We provide you space and equipment for delivering professional trainings while having a room for accommodating all your participants. Organizations and groups from the nonprofit sector (both Dutch and international) are welcome to realize projects and activities in our facilities.

Cost & Availability

The Olde Vechte mansion accommodates up to 50 people and Zeesse up to 28 people.



20/ person

  • This is the daily rate for groups of approximately 40 people.
  • When renting Olde Vechte or Zeesse you can use The Barn (150m²) for free!
  • Inform about the possibilities to use the kitchen and equipment




Is your group bigger, smaller or do you have special requirements? Contact us and we will make you an offer you can't resist.


The barn

Olde Vechte


Around the accommodation