Our group accommodation is located in a quiet green spot surrounded by a small forest and a lake close to Ommen, a picturesque town lodged in the captivating dutch countryside. The accommodation consists of two buildings; Olde Vechte and Zeesse and as from January 2017 a third new building functioning as training room will be available. This new building will be 150m² with a capacity of 80 people.


Flexible and multi applicable

Organizations and groups from the nonprofit sector (both Dutch and international), are welcome to realize projects and activities in our facilities. We provide a considerable amount of working and living space that can serve any kind of group dynamics. The facilities are amply equipped for dance, theater, music, media and outdoor activities. The prospect of self-catering or catering provided by the Foundation may also be utilized. To reach the accommodations from Schiphol Airport, it takes 1h30m by train to reach to Ommen train station plus a 10 minute walk.

In our accommodation, you are more than welcome to arrange the space in a way that suits your intentions, to the extent of creating the desired experience for your group. The Olde Vechte Foundation is a place where outright freedom is encouraged. Thus, granted the wide range of possibilities offered by the Foundation, as an organisation you also have the chance to settle expenses in a way that is in line with your needs. Given the relatively secluded location of the accommodations, one doesn’t have to bother about noise levels or such.
€15   Catering excluded 
€25   Catering included*
*Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Prices mentioned are approximate, per person per day (groups of 40 and more people)
For smaller groups, contact us and we will make you an offer you can’t resist.

In and around the accommodation

Equipment & Services

Available for all three accommodations

What previous renters are saying

  • "We had a Study Visit at the Olde Vechte foundation and we stayed in the Zeesse building. There we experienced the special energy of the foundation that’s formed by their unique approach on how to work with groups. The bedrooms were comfortable and easily suited our group’s needs. Breakfast and lunch were traditional Dutch with bread and many different spreads, cheese and cold meat. The dinner was very tasty and diverse. We also used the area around Zeesse a lot, and there was plenty space for different activities. We also went to the gym nearby in Ommen where the more active sessions took place.
    Besides the director, the staff working at the foundation consists of volunteers and during our visit they took care of many of the daily tasks, such as cooking food, cleaning and other practicalities. It was interesting to spend time with them and hear about their experience working at the foundation. After the study visit a partnership between Dansk ICYE and Olde Vechte were created, and we are now working closely with them and members of Dansk ICYE have been back on their Event wise course and many more will go in the future. If you have a project that is in line with the foundation’s activities, I highly recommend their accommodations."

    - Dansk ICYE, Denmark

  • "Our organization Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip (JUB) regularly requires a venue for the international trainings we organize. Olde Vechte is a very comfortable place to be with a group, with good beds, nutritious food and it has an inspirational environment. It is also very pleasant for us that the staff is cooperative and thinking with us. We are always happy to return and I highly recommend it to other organizations."

    - Martijn Bergsma. Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip (JUB), The Netherlands

  • "We have rented Olde Vechte accommodation for 3 times until now (and have already booked for the future). We rented it in order to realise our exchange and trainings there. The accommodation is spacious, bright, has enough facilities and furnished us with all the office and media materials we needed. There is plenty of space for indoor and outdoor activities. The catering service is also something unique. In the previous years, when we rented another accommodation, we had to prepare every meal by ourselves...Olde Vechte catering is really good and saves us and the participants quite some time, which we can devote to other activities. Good price and service, we are very happy with it."

    - Cherry Group, The Netherlands