Grow Together ~ How to “Community Learning” ?
How Families and Organizations are Alike
Grow Together ~ How to “Community Learning” ?
How Families and Organizations are Alike
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Source & What is this Systemic work all about?

We are celebrating the third edition of the Training on Systemic Work that is now called SOURCE. It will happen this February (18th – 23rd) and in the process of speaking with people about it, we have received many times the question: “What is this Systemic Work all about?”

The Systemic Approach is widely popular because of the Family Constellations that originate from it. What is special about it is that it explores the object (a situation, person or phenomenon) as an element of a bigger system. An element that is connected with other elements in a web of hidden dynamics, or in other words, connections.


We learn to work exactly with those connections between the elements. They reveal information that is not seen or acknowledged before. By Zooming Out of the element itself and exploring the system it is part of, new perspectives can emerge. 

Having new perspectives, allows you to create small movements that trigger transformation in the way connections are constructed, so the flow can come back where it was stuck before. 


We explore and work to create those small movements in two main ways. The first one is by working with 3D Mapping which we call also small constellations. This method allows you to create visual, audio and kinaesthetic maps of the different elements of the system and explore the connections between them. 


One example is if you work in an organisation, where flow is missing. You create a map that allows you to see the bigger picture and receive information that was not available to you before. By doing this, you can see what is there in the system of the organisation that before was not considered, yet it still plays a role. You discover the dynamics between the different positions and meanings that form the system of the organisation.


The second method that we use is formulating and asking questions that come from the systemic realm (Moving Questions). Moving questions are questions that address the connections. Those are different types of questions that unlock information that is unconsciously available to the conscious level and open for the participants a completely new perspective. 


In the process, you also practice improving your own state in this field of knowledge. You practice to improve the quality of your presence and explore the resonance that is created in you from the situation or the interaction that you work with. In this way, you open yourself to receiving information from a source, different from the logical brain. A source that expresses itself and is there all the time, yet it takes practice to tune in and learn to listen and experience the information that is coming. For some people, this looks like tuning into what is widely known as intuition. 


Systemic work can be applied easily in daily life and in all kinds of working environments. It supports you to explore what is beyond the visible and the known. We find it a great way to approach situations where an issue or a “stuckness” appear again and again, maybe in different shapes or size. 

Let’s take an example. A person is always struggling with money. And no matter how much they work, what job they choose, money just doesn’t come or doesn’t stay at their pocket. 

An analytical way to this situation is to ask questions to zoom in on the issue, to ask about the goal and the behaviours that lead to the situation. And to create a plan for a change. Even if in many situations the analytical way works perfectly, there are also plenty of situations when the issue comes back. 

If we use the Systemic approach, we would ask a different kind of questions. For example, how old is this issue? Is it something that appeared in the life of the person or is it something that is present also in the life of their family? And since when? What does money represent to the person? And what is not there, because money is not there? How much does the person have the capacity to receive? And to maintain? What is this issue a solution for? 

You can maybe already sense that it creates a different context to work in

In Systemic Work, there are basic concepts that we work with and you will get the chance to explore them during the training. Such as the origin of the phenomenon and its destination. The place that one takes in the system. The exchange that is happening in the system – who gives and who takes. The arrangement of a system


The purpose of our work in the Systemic Realm is not to understand and create new connections, but to bring the flow that gives energy. In Dutch we have the word beweging and it means “to get into movement”, mental or physical. 

Together in Source, we will work on this process of beweging and exploring the depth of what is part of our experience

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Text and graphics: Joanna Nikolova