7th Beyond Training December 2021
Coaching and the Hammer of Heidegger
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Grow Together Weekend 24-25 September

How is the field of education connected to you? 

In Olde Vechte, we are passionate about learning and development. For years we have been researching and designing learning for young people, adults, educators, and people from all over Europe.

This spring we have been hosting the professional development activity “I hear you(th)” and together with a group of community workers, we have been exploring how to grow healthy communities by facilitating impactful learning.

This is how the idea for Grow Together was born. It is a two-day educational retreat for people who are passionate about education and community development.

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Together we will explore:

  • designing inclusive learning processes that are also playful and light
  • the innovations in the field of education
  • embodied learning and the body in learning
  • systemic approach towards education
  • coaching as a method for community education

We meet in the beautiful city of Ommen, in Olde Vechte Foundation, near the river and the forest. Connection to nature is an important element of the event.

Our intention is that everyone who attends “Grow Together” will leave recharged, with a sense of peace and connection.

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General participation fee: 120 Euro

Participation fee for people who have been participating in Olde Vechte’s training courses and exchanges: 80 Euro

The participation fee includes accommodation, meals, participation in all of the sessions, and materials.

This event is especially recommended for people who work with people, such as coaches, youth workers, community workers, teachers, managers of teams etc.

For more information, connect us at info.oldevechte@gmail.com