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Wider Horizon Phase 1 of our short-term EVS Project is completed!

Last week we closed the 1st Phase of the Wider Horizon short term EVS Project.

After 2 months of living together and working in local organizations in and around Ommen, our amazing 15 volunteers travelled back to their countries, packed and filled with new experiences, learnings, skills, friendships and great moments to share beyond!

Thank you to all the volunteers for owning their experience and making this project fruitful and remarkable for everyone involved!

See more highlight moments here: http://bit.ly/WH1_Photos

Visit the local organizations through the eyes of the volunteers: http://bit.ly/WH1_WorkingPlaces

Special thanks to our European and local partners and to Erasmusplus Jeugd for funding the project!

This week, we have welcomed the 2nd group of 15 volunteers for the 2nd Phase of the project in May – June. Stay tuned for more updates.