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The 23rd Practicing Coaching TC is now open for registration!

23rd Practicing Coaching training course

Dates | 17-23 July 2018
Place | Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen, the Netherlands
Trainers | Tihana Dragičević & Lena Nasiakou

Practicing Coaching is a 7 days training, designed with the emphasis on experiential learning through various tools, techniques, activities and practical advice for everyone who is working with other people.
During this week you will have the chance to:
– broaden your knowledge with theoretical information regarding the cooperation and connection with your environment
– gather new insights and understandings through practice about yourself and your coachee
– involve your body and emotions into the learning by exploring embodied coaching
– develop your own coaching method while taking part in coaching sessions
– reflect upon your experiences in smaller groups

In summer a limited edition of the training is coming, with only 24 slots open.

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