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Coaching training: what our participants said!

We asked participants of our training to share about their experience.
Take a look at what they said and join us for the next edition!

Practicing Coaching and Mentoring is a 7-days-long international training course designed with the emphasis on experiential learning through various tools, techniques, activities and practical advice for everyone who is working with other people.

During this week you will have the chance to:
– broaden your knowledge with theoretical information regarding coaching and development
– gather new insights and understandings about yourself and your coachee through practice
– involve your body and emotions into the learning by exploring embodied coaching
– develop your own coaching method while taking part in coaching sessions
– reflect upon your experiences in smaller groups

The 21st Practicing Coaching and Mentoring training course is happening between the 7th to 13th of November 2017.

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Video by: Róbert Sáji​