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Call for Participants | Natural

Call for Participants

Natural | APV & Youth Exchange

Natural is an Erasmus+ project about reconnecting to yourself through nature and broadening your environmental awareness. During 2 weeks you will join a journey leading back to the basics. You will:

  • experience yourself through games, connectivities and rituals in the nature
  • live, learn and cook outdoor
  • share your personal experience and get inspired by each other
  • travel around the Netherlands and discover new perspectives
  • create your own project
  • create videos on how to connect yourself with nature and the environment in order to preserve it
  • share it with the rest of the world

When? APV [18-19 May 2017] & Youth Exchange [2-15 July 2017]
Where? Buitendoor campsite, Hilversum, the Netherlands
Who? Greece, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands

InfoLetter: bit.ly/Natural_info
Registration form: bit.ly/Natural_apply

Funded by the Dutch National Agency