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Olde Vechte’s biggest Event Wise training!

It’s the last day of the biggest Event Wise training in the history of Olde Vechte! A training that broke all the records with 68 participants, 20 team members and 37 assistants in the room. Thank you all!

Next Event Wise is happening on 20th-26th of July 2017 and the trainers are Yassar Markos and Veronika Pavlova.

What you can get out of the training:
– Reach the best performance levels you are capable of
– Create and sustain a positive mental attitude, especially during hard times
– Communicate with more clarity, accuracy and persuasiveness
– Use your words and body language to purposefully instill self-confidence
– Work on your weaknesses and play to your strengths
– Rediscover the joy of play and spontaneity

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