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InterACTive Colors Platform is ON

InterACTive Colors Exchange is completed!

Our 45 young inspiring changemakers coming from 9 European countries, lived 10 dynamic days exchanging, learning, growing and acting together! They worked on their self-growth, while creating a brand new platform for promoting social inclusion and education about LGBTQIA+ Spectrum. They empowered their own learning and produced more than 10 educational videos using diverse digital tools.

Get Educated on the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum: InterACTive Colors Platform

Find all educational videos: InterACTive Colors Youtube Channel

Topics such as: Gender identity and Sexuality, Coming Out, Identity Expression, LGBT+ acronyms, Labels, Inclusive Language, Transgender Life, Adoption and Prove them wrong song.

Go behind the scenes of the Exchange: InterACTive Colors Photo Album

The Exchange took place in Ommen at Olde Vechte foundation from 28th February till 9th March 2017.

The project is financed by ErasmusPlus Jeugd

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