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Level 3 Personal Development

Olde Vechte Foundation presents Choice in Life, the personal development training level 3.

When: 31st October – 4 November 2016 (excluding traveling days)
Where: Olde Vechte Foundatiom, Ommen, the Netherlands

Choice in Life is for those who have already participated in Choice training and want to continue with their self exploration. While Choice was about you and yourself, Choice in Life is about learning how to become aware and embrace the systems you live in (family, social and working environment, culture, country, religion etc). In other words, Choice gives an opportunity to liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and Choice in Life empowers you to implement this transformation to your daily life.

More information: http://oldevechte.com/open-call-trainings/choice-in-life/
Registration Form: https://goo.gl/forms/CJJ5NtTGNOZV8Ppg2