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and group accommodation since 1966.


Coaching sessions – Case studies

Case study 1   What happens when you combine coaching skills, systemic thinking, and nature? Yes, you already know, these are our favorite topics for the past 7 years. Today we’re sharing a brief moment from a systemic coaching session: 🌳 “When we met, she was […]

What comes next at Olde Vechte?

Having dedicated years to fostering personal and professional growth, our commitment remains unwavering. We continuously strive to tailor meaningful learning journeys that move you forward in your life:   Professional Development Events:   Source Training  Discover solutions in unexpected places. The systemic approach’s beauty lies in […]

Coaching culture for growth

Most of the therapeutic moments happen outside of the therapy session, in the community, in intimate relationships, in generous friendships, and in nature. At least, this is what I like to believe. The same applies to coaching, as someone can change your state, bring clarity, enlarge […]

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