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Source & What is this Systemic work all about?

We are celebrating the third edition of the Training on Systemic Work that is now called SOURCE. It will happen this February (18th – 23rd) and in the process of speaking with people about it, we have received many times the question: “What is this Systemic […]

Grow Together ~ How to “Community Learning” ?

How to facilitate community-based learning, where people learn and experience individually, yet they are in a group context?   How to meet our needs for meaningful connection and a sense of community, without attachment and long-term engagement with the learning community?    Well, after almost 6-months […]

Coaching and the Hammer of Heidegger

What do coaching, freedom and Heidegger do together in one article? In the following lines we share with you some insights and inspirations related to coaching and why are we busy with it in the past 10 years. Have you heard of Heidegger and the metaphor […]

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